Top 3 Keylogger Apps for Android

Keylogger apps can be a very effective tool for both parents as well as employers to keep a tab on the search phrases used and messages sent by children and employees respectively. Let’s take you through the top 3 keylogger apps that work amazingly well and stay completely under the radar, without you having to root the target Android device.

Top 3 Keylogger Apps for Android (Invisible and No Root)

Keylogger Apps for Android

In today’s interconnected world, smartphones have provided reliable and lightning fast communication tools that can be used by anyone. But with increasing interconnectedness, comes the risk of grave threats to the safety of your family, and financial risk to your business through errant employees. In the face of such risks it becomes necessary to protect your children from cyber bullies and criminals, and to ensure that your employees are not sharing sensitive company information and valuable intellectual property with business competitors.

Fortunately, there are a number of Keylogger tracking applications on the market, which you can use to monitor the messages and search phrases on your children’s and employees’ smartphones. Here we’ve created a ranked list of the top 3 Keylogger apps for Android that remain invisible on your phone and does not even require your Android phone to be rooted. In this comprehensive review we’ve looked at the hottest keylogger apps on the market, their features, and the various plans in which you can purchase these apps. .

1. FlexiSpy


What is it?

At Rank 1, we have the one stop solution for all your tracking needs in FlexiSpy, the Keylogger tracking app for Android mobile phones which is simple and easy to install and does not even require the target device to be rooted for installing the software.

With FlexiSpy’s inbuilt Keylogger feature you have the capability to record the entire history of the keys that are pressed on the specified apps of the target device. An impeccable summary of the keys that are pressed on the device is then uploaded to your FlexiSpy portal and mobile app, allowing you to view the detailed summary of the keystrokes on the move as well.

Apart from FlexiSpy’s keylogger technology, the app also boasts of over 150 other incredible features that are designed to monitor all aspects of the activity taking place on a phone. Here we’ve compiled a list of the top features offered in FlexiSpy’s Extreme version.

Features of FlexiSpy

1. Keylogger – Coming with a built in Keylogger, you can see all the characters and words that are typed into an app. This feature creates a detailed record of all the keystrokes on certain pre-specified applications, and then the data is automatically uploaded to your FlexiSpy portal where you can easily view and store the data for your use.

2. Remain invisible – Perhaps the most important feature of FlexiSpy is its ability to remain completely invisible to the user of the monitored device. The app removes all traces of itself after being installed, and cannot be located on the device by even the most experienced and technologically proficient users.

3.  Support for Android Nougat 7.1.1 – The app comes with support for Android Nougat, making your tracking experience even more smooth and effortless.

4. Intercept calls – FlexiSpy’s call interception feature allows you to listen in on phone calls and even record the calls as they are happening on the device being tracked.

5. Instant message monitoring – With this feature you can track and monitor the messages that are exchanged on instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, with detailed summaries of the contacts and time stamps of the messages. In addition, this feature enables you to look at the videos, images and audio files that are sent or received using instant messaging services on the target device.

6. GPS tracking – The geo-location feature of FlexiSpy makes it an effortless process to track and record the location of the target device in real time. The location tracking feature also allows you to receive a detailed summary of the locations visited by the target during the course of the day.

7. Remote spying – FlexiSpy’s tracking capabilities appear seemingly limitless with the remote tracking feature, which gives you the option of remotely taking full control of the monitored device, and take pictures and videos from the camera of the device, to restart the device as per your whims and fancies, and even check the battery status of the device if you are skeptical about low battery claims by the device’s owner.


You can have access to the incredible array of features that are offered by FlexiSpy’s Premium version at a quarterly purchase plan of only $99, or you can also opt for the 12-month plan for a throwaway price of $149. However, if your spying requirements are more demanding then you should ideally choose the power packed Extreme version, which contains the cutting edge features of the Premium version and also allows you to listen in on calls, take remote control of the camera and microphone, amongst other amazing features at a price of $199 for 3 months, and $349 for the 12 month purchase plan.

2. mSpy


What is it?

Coming in at Rank 2 we have mSpy the application that has been tailor made to cater to your Keylogger tracking requirements as parents. With the rise of web based chat rooms, and social network sites, it has become necessary to monitor your child’s messages and search phrases on their smartphone to make sure that they stay out of trouble and away from cyber bullies.

With mSpy’s epic Keylogger feature, you can have access to each and every keystroke on your child’s smartphone, besides also being an amazing option to track the keystrokes of your employees and other family members.

Compatible with Android 4.0 and above, mSpy’s game changing Keylogger technology makes it an effortless process to see all the keyboard strokes on the target device’s phone, which are then uploaded on to mSpy’s control panel. You can remotely view the detailed records of the characters and words entered by your child on various apps out of the Control Panel. Further, besides the Keylogger feature mSpy has a range of diverse and versatile features to solve all your tracking needs. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the incredible features offered in the mSpy’s Premium version.

Features of mSpy

1. Keylogger – Never miss another letter or word with mSpy’s amazing keystroke feature which records all the keys that are pressed on your child’s or employee’s smartphone. Stay ahead of all dangerous situations by viewing all the search phrases and messages that are entered into the target device, which you can conveniently view out mSpy’s remotely accessible keylogger logs.

2. Stay invisible – mSpy’s tracking capabilities are greatly enhanced by its ability to remain undetected on the target device, and can only be accessed by the user of the device if you choose the ‘I wish to keep the icon’ menu option at the time of installation.

3. Monitor calls – mSpy makes it a seamless process to listen in on incoming and outgoing calls from the target device right as they are taking place, with a detailed summary of the date, time and duration of the calls becoming available for your viewing at mSpy’s Control Panel.

4. Instant messaging tracking – Read the conversations taking place on instant messaging services with mSpy’s messaging monitoring feature. Further, you can also monitor the multimedia files exchanged using messaging services.

5. Device storage monitoring – Get instant access to every video and photo that is stored on the target device. mSpy’s storage tracker will instantly upload any photos and videos that are taken from the device to your mSpy portal, where you can view these files on the go.

6. Location tracking – If you’re worried about where your family members and employees go during the day, mSpy is the perfect solution as it has the capability of giving you the real time location of the target device, along with giving you a list of locations visited by them during the day.

7. E-mail access – Scroll through the e-mails that are sent and received from the device being monitored.


The mSpy tracking software can be purchased in two plans, Basic and Premium. If your tracking needs are minimal, then you can choose the Basic plan which can be purchased for just $74.99 for 12 months. If you wish to go all out then, try out the Premium plan which can be purchased at an amazing price of $149.99 for 12 months.

3. Hoverwatch


What is it?

At Rank 3 of the top 3 keylogger applications for Android we have Hoverwatch, the hottest phone tracking software on the market that is guaranteed to give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to finding the right Keylogger tracker. Hoverwatch’s incredible Android keylogger secretly monitors the phones of your family members or employees to ensure that they are not sharing sensitive data and information with strangers, thereby placing you and your family in the harm’s way.

The power packed Hoverwatch’s Keylogger makes it extremely easy for you to monitor text messages, instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, by giving you a detailed summary of the keystrokes on the device, which are then remotely accessible by you on your Hoverwatch account. In addition to this incredible technology, Hoverwatch comes bundled with an array of extraordinary features which ensure that tracking a smartphone is a seamless and efficient experience for you. Below you can read about the top features offered by Hoverwatch in its Premium version.

Features of Hoverwatch

1. Keylogger – Monitoring the keystrokes on an Android device is greatly simplified with Hoverwatch, which maintains a thorough and in depth record of the keystrokes on the target device, which can then be conveniently accessed by you on Hoverwatch’s remotely accessible online portal.

2. Stealth – When it comes to remaining undetected, Hoverwatch takes the cake with its invisibility feature, allowing the app to operate stealthily on the target device, even if the device is unrooted.

3. Location tracking – The app comes with a built in location tracker, which enables you to track the location of the Android device in real time. Hoverwatch’s innovative energy saving algorithms ensure that this feature doesn’t take a toll on the device’s battery, which might raise suspicions in the mind of the user. This feature is especially useful in the event that you lose your device, as Hoverwatch will continue to send you location updates from the tracked device.

4. Monitor phone calls – Hoverwatch’s call monitoring feature maintains a detailed call log and recordings of all incoming and outgoing conversations from the monitored device. The call data includes information such as the duration of the call and the contact name.

5. Instant messaging tracking – Read the messages and multimedia exchanged using instant messaging applications. The feature allows you to receive detailed text messages that are sent and received on the device, with detailed time stamps of the messages, and the profile pictures of the contacts.

6. Detect SIM card change – The Hoverwatch software comes with a feature which enables you to detect SIM card changes on the target device, while giving you access to the phone number of the new SIM card.

7. Browser history – In an interesting feature, the Hoverwatch Android app makes a detailed account of the websites that are visited on the monitored device.

8. Track to-do list – If you need to stay updated with the daily schedule and activities of your target, you can use Hoverwatch’s tracking app, which stores all the to-do lists and notes created by the user. This feature also saves the appointments, plans and reminders made by the device owner.


Hoverwatch’s easy to use and reliable Keylogger can be purchased in two plans, Personal and Family. The Personal plan is designed to monitor one device at a time at a price of $8.33 per month, with a per annum price of just $99.95 only. If your surveillance needs are more demanding, then consider the Family plan, which enables you to monitor up to 5 devices at 12 month purchase price of $199.95 only.

On the whole, with these affordable and easy-to-use Keylogger applications for Android you can make sure that your family is safe from online threats, and your employees do not dare to slack off on company time, or share precious company secrets with anyone else.

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