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If you are looking for one of the best data storage companies, then you should consider Seagate. Seagate Technology is a US-based data storage company known for having developed the world’s first 5.25 inch hard disc drive. Conner Peripherals, Samsung’s HDD businesses, Maxtor and the Imprimis division of Control Data Corporation are some of the properties of Seagate Technology.

Seagate’s Unrivaled Performance

One of the reasons why you should settle for Seagate Technology’s services is the company’s Multi Actuator technology (MACH 2). With an aid of two independent actuators, MACH 2 has enabled the company to double its IOPS performance. This provision has not only allowed for fast transfer of data, but also made a concurrent transfer of the same, to the host computer, possible.

Again, unlike regular hard drives which pile pressure on performance, MACH 2 technology offsets the same pressure. The import of this is that clients with data-concentrated applications get the highest extent of hard drive operations. Customers are also able to cope with the continuously increasing quantities of data.

The use of MACH 2 has also enabled the doubling up of IOPS performance in every single hard drive. This provision is a result of the duality of data flow, into and away from individual hard drives. As a result of this, concerns over reduced data availability have significantly been neutralised.

The company also provides other services such as data recovery services and surveillance, and also nurtures young talents into professionals. Through its Rescue Data Recovery unit, you are cushioned from the consequences of data loss which may occur as a result of mechanical damage or an accident. This team comprises global data recovery gurus with 96% customer fulfillment ratings.

The firm also has a high performance Al-surveillance surroundings, architecture and components. So intricate is Seagate’s surveillance infrastructure that its surveillance data is now being used to rescue lives and in retail environment, through heat mapping.

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