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If you are a regular follower of this website, you’d know that we personally test all the products we review. That’s the only way one can get a really good insight into the characteristics of a software. This time, we selected another highly popular mobile phone spying software in the market place called mSpy.

Let’s understand, what makes mSpy a highly reliable product, what can it help you do and why it has emerged as one of the most popular software in this segment.

mSpy has been selling pretty well in the market since its launch in the year 2011. It has undergone various improvements over the years. As it’s a fairly seasoned and efficient product, you get excellent customer support if you do decide to invest in it.

Furthermore, there have been major changes in the cell phone spying marketplace in the recent times. Stealthgenie has been banned because of a legal case and another popular software MobileSpy can no longer be termed as the ideal spying application as you can no longer keep it hidden from the target phone user. All these events have boosted the sales and popularity of products like mSpy, FlexiSpy and Hoverwatch.

With a one million plus user base world over, mSpy has a fairly good track record of providing top-notch tablet and cell phone spying apps to the market. The app has emerged as a true market leader over a period of time, coming a close second to FlexiSpy in our rankings. Although both the products have many similar functions, but the few differences are worth noting. While mSpy scores over FlexiSpy in the pricing department, the latter offers live call listen-ins, ambient recording and some more additional features that definitely give it an edge.


Mspy Compatibility

mSpy cell phone spying application has been developed keeping majority of the modern-day mobile devices in mind. While the developers originally created the product for mobile phones only, they extended its compatibility to tablet PCs and various other phone models over a period of time.

mSpy is now available for all android and Apple devices, including iPad and iPad Touch. In fact, it works on all the mobile devices that are Internet enabled. You can presently use mSpy on:

  • All android mobile phones and tablets
  • All Apple devices including iPhones, iPods and iPads

Please note, you must always refer to the official mSpy website for the latest updates and information related to the versions. The website even offers a useful list of mobile phone devices currently supported by the software, listed based on make and model.

Furthermore, mSpy also offers a no jailbreak version of its software, but, with a different set of features.

Let’s now take you through the various features of this efficient and reliable mobile phone spying software product:

mSpy Features:

mSpy Features

Better cell phone monitoring

mSpy offers all the standard cell phone monitoring features also offered by other similar products including monitoring of SMS text messages, browser history reporting, GPS tracking, voice call logs, emails and more. However, all these are the basic requisites for all such programs nowadays. mSpy goes a step ahead and provides some advanced-level monitoring features that easily set it apart from its counterparts.

Some of these advanced features are:



Highly valued by parents and employers everywhere, the geo-fencing feature of mSpy enables you to set boundaries for the cell phone user, with the help of Google maps. You get an instant alert anytime the cell phone user leaves or enters the zone defined by you.

These alerts can also be sent to you via an email, or simply appear as a breach in the mSpy’s online dashboard. You’re also allowed to go through the logs that detail the target cell phone’s movements for any particular time period. It’s a very user-friendly feature that can be easily set up in a matter of few seconds.

The alerts and tracking system of mSpy works very well and is in fact considered one of their USPs for employers and parents.

Call blocking

Call blocking

Using the call blocking feature of mSpy you can create a list of phone numbers that you don’t want the target user interacting with. It’s an excellent feature for parents that helps them limit children’s contact with undesirable friends.

Application blocking

Mspy Application blocking

You can select the applications you wish to block on the target mobile phone and completely stop their usage, rather than having to monitor the user’s messages and activity on those apps.

In addition, you could also completely block Internet use on the target device, making the mobile phone only good enough for making/receiving phone calls.

Website blocking

Website blocking

As evident, this mSpy feature enables you to block access to certain websites. Either you can block these websites completely, or allow them during certain time-periods of the day. Like many other mSpy features, this one’s also very useful for parents and employers. You wouldn’t want your staff whiling away time, browsing websites on the Internet, when they should be busy in production. Hence, this mSpy feature can have a direct impact on your company’s productivity!

Easy monitoring of messenger apps

The developers at mSpy have worked pretty hard to offer a comprehensive list of social websites and messenger/chat services that can be efficiently monitored with this product. The covered services are all popular with the younger generation and no cell phone monitoring software would be complete if it misses any of them. mSpy continues adding more services/platforms to this list.

Some of the popular messenger/chat services they cover include:

Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Skype, iMessage (iPad and iPhone), Viber, SnapChat and Line.

As mentioned earlier, you must always recheck the services you want to monitor before buying any such app.

mSpy has even added Tinder spy features allowing users to monitor Tinder activity of the target cell phone user.

The level of monitoring on these platforms is extremely powerful. Not only do you get to see the text content of the messages, you can even go through the media files including videos and pictures (both received and sent).

If your purpose behind the purchase of such application is to comprehensively monitor your kids, there’s none better than mSpy in the market.

Monitoring wi-fi points

Monitoring wi-fi points

This mSpy feature tells you when the target device has accessed a wi-fi network, allowing you to track it even when GPRS/mobile data is switched off on the phone/device.

You’re provided a list with both times and other details of such connections. What more, you can even remotely restrict the target phone’s access to public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Please note, employees using public Wi-Fi on company phone/devices can put company information at major risk by doing that. They can even put their personal details including bank logins and passwords at risk.



An original mSpy feature, this one logs every single keystroke on the target device. Resultantly, you’re able to see everything that’s been typed on it, right from text messages, URLs, emails to even log-in details and passwords. Although an outstanding feature, this one’s only available for android phones/devices at present.

Target phone/device management features

Target phone/device management features

mSpy has many features that makes management of the target phone/device extremely easy. One of the features enables you to fine-tune the manner in which you get reports.

For instance, you can set things up in a manner that you get reports only through the web dashboard interface. You can also have them uploaded onto the mSpy server only when the target device is on a Wi-Fi network.

Using these management settings, you gain better control over the target device and prevent that device’s data plan use for uploading the reports and/or logs. Although this isn’t a major problem since the data packets are normally very small and hardly noticeable, but it could be a problem if the data consists of video or image files.

Reporting can be further managed and controlled by defining the time intervals when these reports are generated and uploaded to the mSpy server. While sometimes you might require minute by minute reporting, at other times reporting once a day is enough.

The mSpy program on the target device can also be updated automatically, without the need of physical access to the target phone/device again.

Additional security features

mSpy software lets you do things such as data wiping and phone locking from remote location. You can also get notified whenever there’s a SIM card change in the target phone/device. All applications can be controlled via the mSpy’s online control panel. Its interface is very user-friendly and easy to understand.


Efficient reporting is a very strong point that distinguishes mSpy from the other similar products in the market. You can personalize these reports to a very great extent, and get to see whatever concerns you to most.

These reports and their frequency can both be customized. What is even better is that reporting is highly intuitive and very easy to setup. In addition, reports can be downloaded in several different formats.

Such efficient and unique data management and reporting serves as the perfect tool for small businesses to effectively monitor their employees’ phones/devices.

Jailbreak-free monitoring

Nowadays, you can use mSpy in a slightly different manner to spy on iPhones without the need of jailbreaking them first. The service works for not just iPhones, but all compatible Apple devices.

Please note, this shouldn’t be confused with the regular cell phone spying software as it works in an entirely different manner, and comes with limited monitoring features.

The jailbreaking is done away with because often times it’s not possible to get hold of the target iPhone or Apple device, to download and install the software.

How this mSpy service works is that it accesses the freely available iCloud backup account of the phone-user, and reports any changes made to it, at regular intervals. But to use this mSpy version, you must know the target user’s Apple ID and password, and the Apple phone/device must be automatically backing up its data on iCloud. It’s fairly easy to change that setting if it hasn’t already been opted for by the target user.

Please note, this mSpy version might not be ideal in all situations as it requires Apple ID and password of the user. But it can be particularly helpful if you cannot in any way jailbreak the target phone/device.

Once set up, this mSpy version works completely under-the-radar, without any notification sent to the iCloud’s backup center.

All you need to do is sign in with the target user’s details and view the reports online. You might not be able to view the happenings on the phone/device in real-time as you’d see them only when changes happen on the backup account. However, you can alter the frequency of these backups by making settings’ changes in the iCloud interface.

As there is no software installed on the target iPhone/device, the reporting is also limited compared to the regular version. Regardless, you’re still able to view text messages (and their contents), Web browser history, contacts, notes, events, location and detailed call logs (with timestamps and phone numbers).

Although there is fairly limited monitoring of messenger/chat applications, you’re still able to monitor WhatsApp, Line, Skype and Facebook activity.

All in all, mSpy’s Jailbreak-free version can be an excellent solution for people for whom jailbreaking is absolutely impossible. However, the full-version is any day more versatile and powerful.

Other things that make mSpy special

Now let’s go over some more aspects/features that make mSpy stand out from the crowd.

Excellent support

mSpy gives you the option of purchasing their premium support package at a nominal cost of $ 29.95. This product is targeted at beginners who can’t get around the software’s installation. But it’s not mandatory to purchase this package.

If purchased, you’d get help from the mSpy team regarding iPhone jailbreaking and/or android rooting as well as comprehensive assistance with the main software installation.

Apart from this package, you can always seek assistance of mSpy customer support team through email, phone and/or live chat. They also offer a live demo that walks you through all the software features and reports.

The official mSpy website is also very well-organized and streamlined, unlike its competitors. The buying page clearly details what all features you get for the money you pay.


Every purchase of mSpy comes with a 10-day money back guarantee. It means that you can ask for a complete refund if you’re dissatisfied with the product. mSpy is one of the few brands that not just makes such promises, but also actually honors them, without much hassle.

MSpy pricing

mSpy currently offers two primary packages. Other than these two you can also opt for their family package or combo, which are essentially different versions of the main packages only.

MSpy Basic

The mSpy basic version comes with a wide range of spying features including the kinds you’d expect from any efficient mobile phone spying software, for instance, text reporting, browser history, voice call logging, GPRS tracking etc. You have three different pricing options:

  • Basic 1 month plan – $ 29.99
  • Basic 3 months’ plan – $ 59.99
  • Basic 12 months’ plan – $ 99.99

MSpy Premium

This mSpy version offers more advanced level features. Following is how it is priced:

  • Premium 1 month plan – $ 69.99
  • Premium 3 months’ plan – $ 119.99
  • Premium 12 months’ plan – $ 199.99

mSpy Family

Other than these two, you can also opt for the mSpy Family package wherein you can monitor up to 3 different cell phones/devices, saving 20% on the original cost. Following is how it is priced:

  • Family 6 months’ plan – $ 359.97
  • Family 12 months’ plan – $ 479.97

You can even opt for a computer and phone combo, allowing you to monitor both at an attractive price of $ 84.99 per month.

Please visit the mSpy official website to learn about their latest prices and offers.

People behind mSpy

MSpy is sold by a reputed company called MTechnology Ltd that has its offices in both US and UK. They put tremendous effort in ensuring smooth mSpy operations and offer excellent customer support. Their telephone support, money-back guarantee and provision for various payment methods shows how they completely get behind their product.

Contrary to what many might believe, there’s no such thing as mSpy scam! It’s only a marketing-gimmick used by people to sell this software!

Final verdict

The final verdict whether you should use mSpy or not is entirely dependent on you! You must take into account what you want from a mobile phone spying application.

On the whole, unless you require live listening-in to phone calls and/or surroundings recording, mSpy is an excellent app to use. Alternatively, you must also look at FlexiSpy and Hoverwatch.

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