Hoverwatch Review

Having tried a great multitude of mobile phone spying apps available in the marketplace, we’ve arrived at the conclusion that Hoverwatch definitely deserves a spot in our top 3! Let’s take you through a detailed review of this software and tell you what all you can expect from it.

A Comprehensive Hoverwatch Review

Mobile phone tracking and spying software have become quite popular these days, mainly because of the concerned employers and parents who want to constantly stay updated about the whereabouts and interactions of their employees and children respectively. A good mobile phone spying app offers a wide variety of benefits, however, must be used ethically, as such apps can be potentially abused if they get into the wrong hands.

Although the use of such apps is open to debate, the benefits they offer to ethical users far outweigh their possible negative consequences.

Hoverwatch is one such efficient mobile phone tracking and spying software that apart from serving as a free mobile tracker, also actively works for people who wish to keep a constant tab on their employees’ and loved ones’ activities.

Let’s take you through a detailed review of Hoverwatch and acquaint you with all the necessary information so that you can make a well-informed decision about its purchase.


What is Hoverwatch?

As mentioned above, Hoverwatch is an efficient mobile phone tracking and spying software that is actively used by a great multitude of parents and employers throughout the world. It is essentially a cell phone tracker that also records contact details, calendar details, call history, locations, camera, audio, text messages, as well as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and Internet activities of the target user.

Hoverwatch is compatible with all commonly used mobile phone devices and platforms these days, including the latest android, Windows and iOS phones/devices.

What you get:

Let’s take your over some of the main features you get access to with every purchase of Hoverwatch.

Call recording

The highly effective call recording feature of Hoverwatch allows you to record outgoing and incoming calls from/to the target device, from a remote location. The call recorder feature saves: exact date and time, type of call (unanswered, missed, outgoing and incoming), call duration, phone number, name and the conversation’s audio recording. Call recordings can tell you much more than what you might learn from the text and chat messages.

Location tracking

The software tells you about the location of the target phone/device even if the user has turned Wi-Fi and/or GPS off on it. It extracts the location details from the closest GSM phone tower/s. You can change the frequency of such location tracking from within the Hoverwatch account. You can even view the present location of the target user as well as his/her route of commuting on a map, from the Hoverwatch account. The target phone’s location spots are marked with blue dots on the map and if he/she is noticed at a particular location several times, the dot for that specific location gradually changes into red color.

Spying on SMS messages

Despite the popularity of IM apps in the marketplace, many people still prefer interacting through the age old SMS medium. Hoverwatch allows you to record each and every incoming and outgoing SMS message. Using the SMS tracker feature of the application you can view every single MMS and SMS message on the target user’s phone.

Spying on Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, SnapChat and Viber activities

Almost every single person uses these popular chat platforms these days. You can set up active spying for all these chat platforms on the target phone/device and keep regular check on whatever is being sent/received on a daily basis. Hoverwatch helps you save audio recordings, videos and images sent/received on these chat mediums.


The front camera feature of Hoverwatch takes a picture on your behalf from the target user’s mobile phone, every time the person unlocks his/her device. This feature can be extremely useful in the event that your phone is stolen or lost, instantly providing you with the image of the person who has stolen your phone. Please note, this feature is normally disabled (by default) during the software installation process. You must switch it on from within your Hoverwatch user panel.

Comprehensive tracking in stealth mode

Using Hoverwatch, you’d be able to comprehensively track the target phone/device in stealth mode, staying completely invisible to the target user. You’d be provided a secret pin number after the installation process, which will need to be entered every time you wish to directly access the software on the target user’s phone/device. However, in most cases you won’t have to do that as majority of the changes can be done from the online user panel.

SIM card change detection

The Hoverwatch software has been created in a way that it continues to work on the target user’s phone/device even if he/she changes the SIM card. Any such change of SIM card is immediately notified to the Hoverwatch user panel and you can continue monitoring the activities on that phone regardless.

Storage of contact details

Hoverwatch ensures that you get easy access to all the contacts stored on the target user’s phone/device. Every time that user adds a new contact on the phone, it gets automatically uploaded and saved on the Hoverwatch server too. All the corresponding information such as the name of the person, email address, phone number etc. is saved too. Other than storing all this information, the software also saves interactions with each one of them.

Tracking notes and to-do lists

You can stay constantly updated about the target user’s plans as Hoverwatch does an excellent job of backing up all the to-do lists and notes made on the target phone/device, independently as well as using the calendar. You’d know the full agenda of the person, including his/her reminders, appointments and plans.

Internet history

Hoverwatch keeps a complete account of all the websites visited by the target user, keeping you updated about his/her online activities. All the information stored can be viewed anytime on the Internet from the user panel. This feature is enabled by default in the Hoverwatch software. The tracker not only saves the visited websites on the default web browser of the phone/device, but also the pages visited in Google Chrome.

Key logging

Hoverwatch registers all the typed messages and keys pressed on the keyboard of the monitored iPhone or Mac device. Hence, you’d be able to access every word typed by the user, including his/her emails, login details, passwords, text messages and more.


A major drawback for Hoverwatch, despite its efficiency is that it is only available for Android and Windows phones/devices right now. Although it can be used on Mac there is no version available for iPhones as yet.

How to start using Hoverwatch?

Starting Hoverwatch use is fairly simple. All you need to do is sign up to the platform, using a simple step-by-step process, first. Following are the exact three steps you must follow:

1. Sign up

Once you’ve signed up with the platform, you’d be provided with a free online account. You’d be asked for a valid email address and a password for the platform. Once registered, you can go ahead and download the software application.

2. Download and installation of the software

The second step is about download and installation of the mobile tracking software from your newly created Hoverwatch account. You’d need to download this software and install it on the phone/device of the target user.

3. Start monitoring

Once successfully downloaded and installed, the software or application will allow you to monitor all the concerned phone/devices, including all the features detailed above.


Anyone interested in using Hoverwatch for monitoring the phone/s used by his/her children and/or employees can opt for different flexible plan options. You can choose between:

Family plan – Using this plan you can monitor up to 5 phone/devices and save as much as 60% on each phone/device. The one-month family plan costs $ 39.95, $ 99.95 for three months and $ 199.95 for 12 months.

Personal plan – As is evident from its name, this plan is applicable for only one single phone/device. The monthly cost works out to $ 19.95, $ 49.95 for three months and $ 99.95 for 12 months’ use.

Business plan – The business plan of Hoverwatch gives you the flexibility of monitoring up to 25 phone/devices per month. The cost works out to $ 149.95 per month, $ 299.95 per quarter or an annual payment of $ 499.95.

Hoverwatch Pricing

Please keep in mind that the logs are automatically deleted and the Hoverwatch monitoring software is automatically disabled if you don’t re-subscribe to the service after the end of your subscription. The company waits for 7 days post the expiry date for you to re-subscribe. The payment can be made using all popular payment methods including wire transfer, PayPal, debit card, credit card and others.

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Refund policy and support services

Every purchase of Hoverwatch software comes with excellent after sales support services. Although you can raise support tickets and have qualified professionals address your queries, their FAQ section is also pretty comprehensive and has answer for almost all the commonly asked questions.

The company selling Hoverwatch software also offers a transparent and customer-friendly refund policy. You’re allowed to return the software and request a complete refund within 7 days of purchasing the tool, if you’re dissatisfied with its workings. All you need to do is contact their customer care staff and raise a refund request.

Final Word

Having tried it personally, we can say that Hoverwatch is a very good application for business monitoring, parental control. However, despite its broad and efficient features, it still lacks a little behind mSpy and FlexiSpy.

Nevertheless, it does a fairly good job at helping you track the activities of employees and children. The installation can be completed in a matter of few minutes and you can start monitoring the target phone’s/device’s activities almost immediately. It’s after a lot of research and practical use that we have given it the third spot in our ranking of top 3 mobile phone spying apps in the marketplace.

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