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As a part of our job to carry out comprehensive reviews of the mobile phone spying software, we took a good look at almost every product being sold under this category in the market these days. We figured that FlexiSpy is easily the most comprehensive of all.

Please note, this isn’t any other rehashed FlexiSpy review, listing out just the basic features of the product and how FlexiSpy is the best ever, recommended by some reviewer who hasn’t even used it in the first place! As you might be aware, almost 95% of such reviews are like that!

This one’s a real FlexiSpy review, meaning that we’ve purchased and personally used the product. In fact, all the spying software that we’ve detailed on this website, including mSpy and Hoverwatch, are purchased and used by us personally.

Although we’ve tried many of them, FlexiSpy, mSpy and Hoverwatch are the ones that we actively recommend for iPhones and android devices.

Our preference is solely based on what these apps are capable of and their overall reliability.

What is FlexiSpy?


FlexiSpy is a mobile phone spying software that for long has been considered the most-dependable solution for efficient cell phone monitoring. Considering the recent updates and changes in the mobile phone spying software industry, FlexiSpy looks all set to continue enjoying its top position.

The cell phone spying software marketplace is constantly evolving with new developments and innovative products, both from existing as well as new companies. However, FlexiSpy is one product that constantly stays far ahead of its competition, both in terms of its reliability and its overall features.

Why FlexiSpy holds an edge over others?

Please note, all the FlexiSpy competitors that offer similar services, such as mSpy have stopped offering two of their important stealth monitoring features – surroundings recording and calls recording, owing to regulatory problems.

FlexiSpy, being based out of the United States, doesn’t need to comply with any of the US laws. Its servers and infrastructure is also based entirely out of the US. This shields them from the US laws and gives them an edge over the competitors

About the new look of FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy recently upgraded and revamped its entire website, including its dashboard (or monitoring control center), in preparation for 2018. It has also introduced a wide range of price options and new features, offering a whole lot of new benefits to the users.

FlexiSpy’s control center is the place where you access all the data logs and retrieve information from the target mobile device/phone. The new version has a most user-friendly, most modern and cleanest interface you’ll see in any such product.


The developers at FlexiSpy work round the clock to ensure that the application is available for all the latest operating systems. The software is compatible with all the latest versions of Android, iPhone (iOS) and Blackberry.

Cell Phone Monitoring Features

Almost all the popular mobile phone spying programs overlap a great deal when it comes to the features offered by them. In most cases, they simply package the same products differently, with distinct pricing structure/s, and sell them under different brand name/s.

However, FlexiSpy differs greatly from rest of the lot, primarily owing to some of the unique features that only it offers to the users. Other than that, you can also avail FlexiSpy services for shorter time periods – 1 month, 3 months and 12 months, giving you the flexibility to try it and use it whichever way works for you the best.

Not only do you get all the regular spying features, for instance, videos, texts, emails, contacts, call logs, bookmarks, photos, visited websites and more, you also get the other advanced features like call recording, call listening, remote spy camera and ambient recording, that aren’t offered by any other product.

FlexiSpy is currently offered in two different versions

FlexiSpy Premium:

It consists of all the regular features expected from a top-quality cell phone spying software, however, it goes a step further and outdoes every other product in terms of quality and efficiency.

FlexiSpy Extreme:

The extreme version of FlexiSpy comprises of all the features offered in the premium version, and also call recording, call listening, ambient recording and the remote spy camera.

Flexispy – Main features

Call interception

As mentioned above, the extreme version of FlexiSpy comes with the call interception feature through which you can listen into the live phone calls on the target phone/device. If this feature is critical to your spying requirements, please know, FlexiSpy – Extreme is the only software in the market that offers it at present. It’s also the reason why the Extreme version is more expensive than the other spying products.

How call interception works?

After you’ve fed in certain specific phone numbers that you wish to listen into, you’d get an email or text alert whenever an outgoing or incoming call is happening with any of those numbers. Thereafter, a secret call is made by your device to the target cell phone, and you’re joined in as a third party (silently in the form of a conference call) into the conversation, without anyone getting to know. Please note, the target phone’s carrier should be three way calling compatible to facilitate such interception.

Although it’s a very powerful spying feature, not everyone needs to intercept phone calls. While some businesses can get plenty out of such call interceptions, if you require a mobile phone spy app specifically to monitor your kids’ activities, it’d be a bit extreme to use this tool!

Regardless, who are we to judge?! It’s entirely up to you!

Call recording

Call recording Flexispy

Another very useful feature for various purposes, this works on majority of cellphone devices and carriers, provided the connection and signal quality is decent enough.

People are actively using the FlexiSpy call recording feature without any problems. The recorded calls get saved in the user’s control center (on the website) and can be later downloaded onto a smart phone or a PC. You can also alter the settings on the platform and select which all calls you wish to record (to and from specific phone numbers).

Ambient recording

Flexispy Ambient recording

What more, you can even trigger the microphone of the target mobile phone/device and record the conversations happening in its surroundings, just like a remotely operated bugging device.

Tracking of social media websites and chatting platforms

FlexiSpy has made a great deal of progress in monitoring activities on the social media platforms and chatting tools.

Compare FlexiSpy to other similar services and you’d find that it offers the most comprehensive list of chatting platforms that can be monitored, the main ones being:

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, SnapChat, Line, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, WeChat, iMessage, Blackberry Messenger, Viber and more. Please note, the android phones must be rooted for efficient IM monitoring.

Password cracker

Although available for separate purchase, the password cracker feature comes integrated into the FlexiSpy Extreme version. It functions just like a key logger, wherein once you install the software onto the target mobile phone/device, it would actively report all the pin numbers or passwords entered on various websites, apps etc. on the target phone/device. This is including all the IM platforms, social media websites, email accounts and other websites accessed by the user.

Advanced-level location tracking

The app gives you the ability to extract real time data on the whereabouts of the device at any given time, as well as any historical data, on a map. You get to know where the target mobile phone/device is right now and/or has been in the recent times, over a specific time period.

The alerts system of the software enables you to set the geolocation boundaries, after which you receive a phone alert any time the target user steps out of that area/boundary. The tool is already working like magic for the concerned parents who wish to track their kids and keep them out of certain places. Parents can stay constantly updated about their kids’ movements and get notified whenever they venture into unwanted territories.

The alerts system of the application also gives you the ability to set triggers for certain phone numbers and/or keywords. Once set, you’d get notification/s whenever these get detected during email or SMS interactions.

FlexiSpy Control Center

The FlexiSpy’s user interface has been completely revamped for 2018 and looks pretty amazing compared to its earlier versions. All the product features are pretty well laid out, and are easy to locate and use. You are provided complete control over the application and are free to –

  • View installed programs
  • Receive SIM change notification
  • Renew subscription
  • Change setting for notifications and alerts
  • Update the FlexiSpy software without the need of access to the target phone/device
  • Remotely uninstall any software

All these tasks and many more can be completed directly from within the control center, without the need to physically access the target phone/device. The control center is actually the heart of the FlexiSpy system, consisting of all the reports and logs obtained from the target phone.

For a list of the FlexiSpy features you should visit their website here.

FlexiSpy’s efficient stealth mode!

FlexiSpy consists of some tools that help you carry out various spying tasks well under the radar, without the target phone’s user getting even the slightest hint about any such activities.

These tools hide the Cydia App (in case of jailbroken iPhones) and the Superuser Icon (in case of the rooted android phones/devices) to keep your activities well-hidden.

You won’t find any sign of the software of the target device, neither in the task manager, not in the applications list. The installation is done under a constantly changing, non-descript name, without any of the FlexiSpy icons.

The developers of FlexiSpy have gone even a step further and have ensured that the software doesn’t get flagged by any of the major anti-virus and anti-malware programs. It can’t be found and killed by the task killer programs too. On the whole, FlexiSpy is by far the most secure and efficient product of its kind in the cell phone spying market right now.

FlexiSpy’s service and support

FlexiSpy team has always scored pretty high when it comes to their after sales service and support. A large majority of complaints (related to mobile phone monitoring/tracking apps) you get to read in online forums are to do with these apps’ poor customer service, and lack of response to user problems. You’re highly unlikely to find any valid complaints about FlexiSpy, on these forums and/or platforms.

What more, you can even obtain a no-questions-asked full refund for the product if you’re not satisfied with its working, within 10 days of your purchase.

Additionally, FlexiSpy’s main website has undergone a complete renovation and not only does it look more impressive, it is very easy to navigate and better organized now.

There’s plenty of detailed information on the FlexiSpy website, including a video section and an efficient customer support service team accessible via email ticket and live web chat system. The customer service is operational 6 days a week, 24 hours a day, excluding Sundays.

Installation assistance – You can even seek installation help from the newly developed Installation Wizard in the software. This Installation Wizard now makes FlexiSpy the easiest-to-install mobile phone spying app in the market.

Jailbreaking and/or Rooting assistance – You can also request rooting or jailbreaking assistance for your mobile phone/device, from the FlexiSpy team, at a nominal fee.

How much does it cost?

Please note, we do our best to keep this section updated with the latest FlexiSpy prices. However, always cross-check with the FlexiSpy platform to know the exact updated figures.

FlexiSpy keep their pricing structure pretty simple. As of now, they are offering short-term licenses of their products. You can opt for either of the following two packages:

FlexiSpy Premium:

  • $ 68 for one month’s license
  • $ 99 for three months’ license
  • $ 149 for 12 months’ license

FlexiSpy Extreme:

  • $ 199 for three months’ license
  • $ 349 for 12 months’ license

No extra VAT or sales tax is added to the listed prices. You’re free to make payment via MasterCard, Visa, PayPal or wire transfer. Opting for PayPal payment gives you an extra 10% discount, however, without the provision of any refunds.

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Conclusion – Is it a good deal overall?

Considering that no other mobile phone spying product offers the live call interception and ambient recording features, FlexiSpy purchase promises to be indeed a good deal overall. Although FlexiSpy – Extreme version might seem slightly pricey at $ 349 for a one-year’s license, it’s completely worth it if you are in need of those types of advanced-level features.

The premium version on the other hand offers a far better value for money and is easily the best among the other competing products like mSpy, Hoverwatch etc.

FlexiSpy also stands out in the customer service and ease of installation department. Their website is pretty comprehensive and their after sales support is best in the industry.

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