3 Best Phone Tracker Apps

While smartphones have made communication lightning fast and incredibly convenient, they have also exposed children to new risks, with bullies and objectionable websites taking over the internet and instant messaging services. Similarly, smartphones have also made it extremely easy for employees to engage in corporate espionage and disclose your precious intellectual property to your competitors. These threats have made it necessary for parents and employers to keep a tab on the smartphones of their children and employees respectively.

Fortunately, the tech world has delivered some pretty incredible phone tracking applications which allow you to monitor all aspects of a smartphone, including the device’s location, details of incoming and outgoing phone calls, along with access to time stamped messages exchanged on the device using instant messaging services like WhatsApp.

However, there are plenty of applications out there that boast of incredible features, but are ultimately unable to deliver on their promises. To help you sort through these poor performers, we’ve compiled a handpicked list of the best phone monitoring apps on the market with detailed descriptions of their features and pricing options, to help you pick the right software for your needs. With their revolutionary capabilities, these apps are guaranteed to give you incredible value for your money, and promise a stunning phone tracking experience.

1. mSpy (Best Spy App for iPhone)

Phone Tracker Apps

What is it?

The top phone tracking app on our list is mSpy, which scores brilliantly on all benchmark tests and provides a seamless tracking experience. The app provides an innovative and cutting edge solution for tracking iPhones, and is undoubtedly the best spy app for the iPhone. mSpy has an easy to use interface, and it comes with an extremely responsive customer care service to provide a wholesome, well rounded tracking experience.

The app ranks highly owing to its user friendly nature, with mSpy’s live chat service giving you the option to seek assistance in the event that you are facing problems any problems with the app. Post installation, you will immediately have access to all the data on the target phone, which can conveniently be viewed on mSpy’s Control Panel in the form of comprehensive reports.  Below you can read more about the incredible features offered in the Premium version of mSpy.

mSpy Features

The app has been especially designed to cater to the needs of parents who wish to ensure that their children are safe on the internet, and do not misuse their smartphones. The app comes with several interesting features such as call monitoring, location tracking, amongst other fascinating capabilities.

1. Manage calls – mSpy allows you to monitor your child’s phone calls, and protect them from unscrupulous elements in today’s society. The app provides you with a detailed account of all the incoming and outgoing calls from the target device. On the Control Panel, you can view a chronological record of the calls with timestamps and the numbers associated with the phone calls.

2. Track the location – While you can’t remain by your child’s side the entire day, with mSpy you can know exactly where they are during the day with its GPS location tracking feature. With this feature you have access to the current location of the target device, along with a record of all the places visited by the device owner. This feature can be switched on at certain times during the day to ensure that the target device’s battery doesn’t get drained, which might raise suspicions. The location information can be accessed from mSpy’s Control Panel.

3. Monitor instant messaging – mSpy’s instant messaging tracker gives you access to the all the messages that are exchanged on the target device using instant messaging services such as WhatsApp and iMessage. Ordinarily these apps are heavily encrypted, but mSpy’s unique capabilities provide you with a detailed report of all the messages that are sent and received from the device, along with names and contact numbers associated with each message.

4. Storage access – View all the documents, photos, videos, amongst other files and media that is stored on the target device. These will automatically be uploaded to the Control Panel, where you have the option of viewing these files online, or downloading them to a device of your choice.

5. Keylogger – Track each and every keystroke on the target device with mSpy’s keylogger, which prepares a detailed account of all the keys that are pressed on the device, and uploads it to the Control Panel. A consolidated report of keystrokes enables you to see what your child is searching for on the internet, or the messages that they’re sending on instant messaging services.

6. Avoid detection – The biggest advantage of using mSpy is that it offers a plethora of incredible features, while remaining completely undetectable to the user of the target device. The fact that it is undetectable allows you to track the device without the owner ever having any idea that they’re being monitored.

In addition to these incredible features, mSpy comes with impeccable 24×7 customer service providing support in a variety of languages. The app is convenient to use, and its 95% customer satisfaction rate is testament to why mSpy the undisputed leader of phone tracking apps in the world.


Available in a variety of subscription plans, you can purchase the powerful Premium version of mSpy for $52.49 for 1 month, which comes with a keylogger and instant messaging tracker, amongst several other attractive features. If, however, your tracking requirements are minimal then you can also look at the $22.49 per month Basic version, but this version does not support keystroke logging, or the tracking of instant messaging services. Check out mSpy’s demo version on its website to help you get a feel of the product before your purchase.

2. FlexiSPY

Phone Tracker Apps

What is it?

Next up on our list is FlexiSPY, an incredible and easy-to-use mobile tracking app that is a one stop solution for all your monitoring requirements. The app has been designed to cater to the dual purpose of monitoring children and employees, with its huge array of features and easy-to-use interface catering to both purposes and simultaneously providing a superior tracking experience.

The app comes with several interesting features including a built in location tracker, cutting edge call monitoring capabilities, and an SMS tracker, in addition to allowing you to remotely take photos using the camera’s app. While FlexiSPY offers over 150 revolutionary features, it is well known for its superior instant messaging tracking capabilities, being one of the few apps that can monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and Viber, amongst others. Below we’ve compiled a list of the state of the art features offered in the Extreme version of FlexiSPY.


1. Track instant messages – View all the messages that are sent and received using instant messaging services on the target device, with a detailed record of the time stamps, and contact details associated with these messages. FlexiSPY comes with the unique capability of being able to spy on a large spectrum of instant messaging apps such as Facebook, BBM, Skype, WhatsApp, among others.

2. Monitor phone calls – Providing FlexiSPY an edge over other phone tracking applications is its unique call monitoring feature which allows you to listen in and record phone calls, as they’re taking place in real time. The recordings of phone calls, along with timestamps and contact information, are sent to FlexiSPY’s Dashboard where you can listen to the recordings or download them to a device of your choice.

3. Track text messages – FlexiSPY enables you to view all the SMS and MMS messages that are sent or received using the monitored device. In addition, you also receive access those text messages which might have been deleted by the user, along with timestamps and the contact information associated with these messages.

4. Track applications – Seamlessly view all the applications that have been installed on the target device, including the to-do notes and calendar events created by the phone’s owner. The details of the apps can be conveniently accessed from FlexiSPY’s Dashboard, without the user ever knowing that they’re being monitored.

5. Monitor internet usage – FlexiSPY gives you the ability to monitor the internet usage of the target device to ensure that your children, or employees, are not visiting objectionable websites on the internet using their smartphones. With FlexiSPY you’ll have access to the browsing history of the target device, along with the timestamps of when the websites were visited on the phone’s browser.

6. Remote tracking – FlexiSPY’s revolutionary tracking abilities are available to you from the comfort of your home, with its remote spying features that can be accessed from the Dashboard. The remote spying capabilities include access to the target device’s camera, its battery status, and the ability to remotely restart the device.

In addition to these features, FlexiSPY is also extremely easy to install, with an option to let the people at FlexiSPY install the app for you on the target device, while you sit back and wait for the magic to happen. Further, FlexiSPY has recently come out with a new service called FlexiVIEW, a mobile app which makes it possible to view the data collected from the target device from the comfort of your own smartphone.


FlexiSPY’s spying capabilities are available in a variety of subscription plans, starting with $68 per month plan for the Premium version, which gives you the capability to monitor instant messages, track internet usage, access multimedia files and monitor the location of the target device, amongst several other intriguing features.

If your tracking requirements are a bit more demanding you should also check out the Extreme version, which is available for subscription for $199 for a period of 3 months, and comes with cutting edge features such as remote spying, and the ability to listen in on phone calls on the target device in real time. Further, as a gesture of good faith  the folks at FlexiSPY have come up with a money back guarantee for the product which gives you the option to claim a refund if you’re not satisfied with FlexiSPY.

3. Hoverwatch

What is it?

At rank 3 on our list of the best phone tracker on the market, we have Hoverwatch, the one stop solution for your phone tracking needs for the years to come. Hoverwatch is amongst the hottest tracking software on the market, and is renowned for its versatile capabilities, easy-to-use interface and receptive customer support.

Hoverwatch offers hundreds of cutting edge features, but is especially well known for its remote call recording feature, which gives you the capability to listen in on incoming and outgoing phone calls on the target device without ever moving out of your home. In addition, Hoverwatch’s power packed keylogger makes it extremely easy to monitor instant messaging applications like WhatsApp by making a record of all the keystrokes on the device, which can then be accessed by you on your Hoverwatch account. Below you can read more about the incredible features offered in Hoverwatch’s Premium version.

Hoverwatch features

1. Location tracking – Hoverwatch is equipped with a state of the art location tracker, which enables you to collect information about the target device’s current location with the help of the device’s GPS, or WiFi signals in the vicinity of the device. The location data is uploaded to your personal Hoverwatch account, where you can view it at your convenience.

2. Monitor calls – If you’re concerned about who your children or employees are talking to on their smartphone, you can put your worries to rest with Hoverwatch’s call tracking feature, which not only allows you to get detailed information about the contact number, call duration, and timestamp of the call, but also records the phone calls on the device.

3. Take screenshots – Information on smartphones isn’t always viewed in the form of text, but also through images and videos. These aren’t easy to monitor, but with the screenshot feature you can capture an image of whatever content is being viewed on the smartphone, which can later be viewed from your personal Hoverwatch account.

4. Access contacts – Having detailed call logs from the target device isn’t of much help if you don’t know the names of the persons being contacted from the device. Hoverwatch solves this problem by gathering all the contact information from the device’s address book, giving you access to the names, numbers, and email addresses of the target device’s contacts.

5. SIM card change – Find out if the SIM card is removed, or changed on the target device, a feature which proves to be especially useful in the event that the phone is stolen and the old SIM card is replaced with a new one. As a bonus feature, Hoverwatch also informs you about the contact number of the new SIM card in the target device.

6. Camera tracker – This feature allows you to remotely control the front and back camera of the target device, with the app taking a photo using the front camera each time the device is unlocked. The camera tracker proves to be useful if you want to know how often your employees or children are unlocking their smartphone if they’re meant to be working or if your phone is stolen and you wish to know the identity of the thief.


Hoverwatch can be purchased through a variety of subscription plans, with the Personal plan up for grabs for just $19.95 per month, which enables you to track only one device, making it one of the most affordable options on the market. However, if your monitoring requirements are more demanding, then we recommend you try the Family plan, which costs $39.95 per month, and allows you to track up to 5 devices at once.

Other than personal use, Hoverwatch also comes in a Business subscription plan which can be purchased for $149.95 per month, and an annual rate of just $499.95, which is more suitable for large organizations since it is equipped with the capability of tracking up to 25 devices simultaneously. Hoverwatch can be purchased through a number of payment modes, including wire-transfer, credit or debit cards, and PayPal.


There are several phone tracking apps on the market which make tall claims about their features and abilities, but are ultimately unable to deliver on their promises. On the whole, these apps are guaranteed to deliver you an all-round impeccable tracking experience, with their versatile features and user friendly interfaces. On an objective evaluation, mSpy is the undisputed winner among the three, with its superior tracking features and unparalleled customer support making it the perfect mobile tracking app for iPhones.

Finishing up at the second position, FlexiSPY also offers some pretty neat features, scoring high on our benchmarks on account of its ability to monitor several instant messaging apps from a single portal. It’s easy to install package and low cost rightfully earned it the second place on our list. Finally, Hoverwatch is also a power packed phone tracking software, and a must-buy if your priority is to monitor and record phone calls on the target device. Check out the trial versions on each of these apps’ websites to know which product is right for you!

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